Why you Should Hire Me as a PPC Specialist.

The obvious answer is that you are too busy with the day-to-day running of your business. You’ve heard that a lot! So, what else should motivate you to engage the services of a PPC specialist?

A good PPC specialist will understand how to help you get the best from pay per click advertising, knowing that poor content will attract a lower quality score from Google – potentially giving your competitors the edge! (Google’s quality score is used to rank your ad based on the quality of your landing page, combined with your targeted keywords and ad text.)

Keyword Research usually is extremely challenging

When I starts a campaign the first step is the keyword research. I’m not only looking for people who want to find your company, I’m trying to weed out the people who just want to research…

If the campaign is targeting the wrong keywords in the wrong way, this has many ramifications. Firstly the cost can spiral out of control, secondly the quality score can drop through the floor. If you get this important element of the campaign wrong it can end up with you exhausting your PPC budget and getting very low return on investment.

Keyword research for PPC campaigns is done in a very specific way and can take a lot of time to identify a clear strategy that fits a client’s budget and geographical targeting demands.

I’m usually look at a whole host of different types of analysis to try to form a complete business picture before selecting the keywords that will be targeted.

Did you know how important is the landing page?

When configuring Google Adwords it is becoming even more important that the traffic configured into the keyword groups, is targeted at specific landing pages. So just what constitutes a good landing page as far as Google is concerned?

The landing page should be:

  • Optimised for Primary keywords.
  • Have clear cohesive instructions that the customer can follow.
  • Have Relevant, and professional copy with similar images.
  • Speed and performance of the page should be adequate.
  • Not confuse the customer.

In short if your landing page is weak, then one of the ramifications is that your Google Quality Score will be adversely affected, then the cost per click will be increased and this will make your overall campaign costs much higher.

Can You Be Sure You have the time to Manage PPC

Managing PPC campaigns and keeping up with all of the extensive developments in the campaign’s running settings take a lot of time. You need to watch daily to see what is triggering the campaign, you may think you know the keywords algorithms and even when you do inappropriate searches can still trigger the campaign.

These may need to be identified and added to the Negative keyword lists, there may also be useful keywords that can be added to the campaign. These tasks can be time consuming and if you are managing a business you are already most probably dealing with many different sorts of jobs.