Prestashop Products in CMS pages

The module provide you a quick and easy way to add single or multiple product blocks on CMS pages. It will improve your conversions, sales and increase your SEO effect.

products in cms pages

The benefits for Merchants:

This Prestashop module can help you to optimize all your CMS pages.
Easily add products to your pages will increase you average cart and sales. Adding products to CMS pages will increase traffic to your catalog and SEO effect.
The easy way to add products blocks to your CMS is:
  1. Open your CMS page for editing
  2. Select the place you want to insert a products list
  3. Insert specific shortcode ([products ids=1,3,5,7] – details below)
  4. Save CMS page.
Congratulations!!! Products block in your CMS page!
Shortcode format:
[products] shortcode can take list of parameters:
  [products ids=1,3,5,78] – Products ID.
  http://mystore.local/en/tshirts/1-faded-short-sleeves-tshirt.html – 1 – Product ID
  [products refs=demo_1,demo_3] – references of products.
  [products tags=shoes,shirts] – tags of products.
  [products name=monitor] – name or part of the name of products. “monitor” will include “Monitor Samsung” or “Apple Monitor”
  [products category=17] – Category ID
  http://mystore.local/en/5-tshirts – 5 – Category ID
  [products category=10 limit=6] – Limit of products in block to display.
  [products ids=1,16,43 type=link] – Type of products area
  • link – just links without image
  • block – block with link and image
You can combine all of these parameters and get your own products blocks.