Prestashop Advanced Sales Statistics (tax, margin, profit reports) v 1.2.0

This is a must have module for any serious online store based on Prestashop. The module allows you to display stats of your orders, sales, best products, best manufacturers and stock information with well-designed and informative charts and tables.


The benefits for Merchants:

The default PrestaShop installation does not provide a powerfull visual tool that allows you to analyze important sales, stock, profit and profit margin data.
This module allows you to generate powerfull reports in well-designed charts and highly informative tables.

Orders Chart:

Orders Chart
Analyze your orders by selected date range. Determine total value of all, new and second orders of your customers.

Sales By Category Chart:

Sales By Category Chart
Find your best sales category by selected date range. Determine the most popular product category for different seasons of the year.

New Users:

New Users
Do you know how many users registered last month? Check “New Users” chart and track the dynamics of user registartions by selected date range.

Stock Chart:

Stock Chart
Are you cornered about your stock movements? Look at the “Stock Chart” and track your store increase/decrease dynamics.

Best Manufacture:

Best Manufacture
“Best Manufacture” report shows you how your sales revenue distributed by manufactures. Which brand gets you the best profit.

Products never purchased report:

Products never purchased report
Shows you how many products you never sold during requested period.

Purchased Products report:

Purchased Products report
Determine the best product by the number of sales, daily sales, conversions or total price. Be sure that you have required amount of items of each product in your store to cover needs of your customers.

Orders Statistics:

Orders Statistics
A major report to determine your productivity. Analyze each order for profit and profit margin by selected date range.