Share buttons in your application became as easy as count to four.

1. Install

$ composer require vpominchuk/laravel-easy-share

2. Publish sample config file

$ php artisan vendor:publish --tag=easy-share-config

3. Add a component to your view.

<x-easy-share />

4. Add some CSS styles:

.easy-share {
    display: flex;

.easy-share li {
    margin-right: 1.5rem;

and you are ready to go!

Available social networks

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Whatsapp
  • Viber
  • Telegram

Managing social networks

You can easily add/remove/enable/disable available social networks. Just open config/easy-share.php file and add any social network you like.

Configuration options

Option name Description
url Social network share url. It should include following keys: {url} - will be replaced with your. {title} - may be overwritten with your page title. {summary} - used for LinkedIn only, ok, let it be...
allowed To Enable / Disable
class Add any custom class to current share link
content To be placed as a content for <a href=''>$content</a> tag. Can be used to display any SVG icon or other text or even HTML
title To be placed as title attribute for <a href='' title='$title'>...

Using SVG icons

To use your own SVG icons just put content of your SVG icon file into content key of configuration file for the necessary icon.

Using Fontawesome or other icons library

The same as with SVG, just put <i class="fa-brands fa-twitter"></i> into content key of the config file.

Component parameters

By default, you can use <x-easy-share /> without any attributes, it will detect current url of the page, but will not detect page title.

Option name Description
url Page URL to be shared. Example: <x-easy-share url="" />
title Page title. Use :title="$title" to pass title from variable or title="My page title" to pass as text
summary Page summary. Used for LinkedIn only.
allow Allows you to enable disabled social links. Pass multiple social links via comma: allow="pinterest,reddit"
disable Disable some social links. Pass multiple social links via comma: disable="pinterest,reddit"

Custom attributes can be passed to custom template.

Using custom view (template)

To use custom template, just create a folder easy-share under resources/views/ and put your custom template in it.

<ul class="easy-share">
    @foreach($services as $name => $service)
    <li class="easy-share-{{$name}} {{$service['class'] ?? ''}}">
        <a href="{{$service['url'] ?? '#'}}" target="_blank" title="{{$service['title']}}">
            {!! $service['content'] ?? '' !!}

Custom attributes in <x-easy-share /> component will be passed to your custom template.

All Kebab Cased and Snake Cased attributes will be transformed to Camel Case, for example:

<x-easy-share my-first-attribute="1" my_second_attribute="2" />

will be transformed to {{$myFirstAttribute}} and {{$mySecondAttribute}}.

Getting share links as a PHP array

You can use EasyShare facade to get plain PHP array of share links. Example:

use Illuminate\Support\Facades\URL;
use \VPominchuk\EasyShare\Facades\EasyShare;

$url = URL::current();
$easyShare = EasyShare::setUrl($url);
$array = $easyShare

There are two additional methods:

Method Description
setAllowed(array) Enable some social share links. $easyShare->setAllowed(["reddit", "pinterest"]);
disable(array) Disable some social share links. $easyShare->setAllowed(["reddit", "pinterest"]);